Meet Joe

Joe Wilkerson

Sphingolipid metabolism. Diabetic retinopathy. Neovascular pathologies in the eye. They’re not very musical words, but they are why Joe — a PhD. candidate at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center — gets up every morning, researching ways that cell biology can be used to cure diseases of the eye.

Vocal music appeals to his analytical side as well.

“You keep a meter, add rhythm, add notes – then you have the musicality by adding dynamics and expression,” he says. “It isn’t an easy thing to do, but when all of the parts fit into place it’s absolutely magical.”

That very magic is why Joe has been gifting his tenor voice to Canterbury for more than eight years. “In many of the works we perform, every note sung has some kind of meaning. Whether it is a quiet contemplative piece or one of the big grandiose works, choral music elicits a very visceral response from both the singers and the audience.”

This response is precisely why Joe sings, and why he chooses to lend his passion — and his voice — to the powerful voice of Canterbury.