Camp Canterbury



JUNE 5-10, 2017

Canterbury Youth Voices invites children who love to sing to enroll for the 12th annual Camp Canterbury.  During this summer camp, the CYV staff leads children in developing vocal artistry, good choral techniques and music literacy, all in a dynamic and fun choral setting.

In addition to choir, students get to choose from different music classes including vocal jazz, boomwhackers, folk dancing and much more! Look below for a full list of extra-curricular classes for Camp Canterbury.


Monday through Saturday
June 5 – 10, 2017

Who can join?

The camp is offered to all interested singers…

  • With a recommendation from music teacher (see registration form)
  • Entering grades 2-12 in the Fall of 2017
  • Able to match pitch and sing in treble range (unchanged voice)
  • Able to repeat eighth note and quarter note rhythm patterns and read simple music notation
  • With good vocal quality
  • With a good attitude
  • Must be able to sing on the Saturday Concert to participate

Where is camp located?

Wanda L. Bass School of Music
Oklahoma City University

Camp Details


Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
(singers must bring a sack lunch)
Breakout Class Presentation: Friday at 4:00 pm
Saturday Concert: 2:00 pm

There will be two choirs.  Placement will be determined by the artistic staff according to school grades.  All singers will also choose two Breakout classes to participate in for the week.


The cost for the week is $200.  This tuition includes all instruction, a camp t-shirt and a daily snack.  Financial assistance may be available by contacting the Camp Administrator.  Parents and music teachers receive a free ticket to the Saturday concert.  All other adults are $3.00.  Admission for children 18 and under is free.

Registration Deadline:  May 30, 2017

Confirmation of admission will be emailed to each singer upon receipt of registration.


Tenor 6-Hole Ocarina

with Deborah Goodhead

Do you know what an Ocarina is?  The first Ocarinas date back 12,000 years ago to the Stone Age. During this class you will learn to read both the treble clef and TAB as we play the “Pendant-style Ocarina” developed by John Taylor in 1964.  The Ocarinas will be provided from but you can purchase your own also during the week!  Music composed by Japanese composer Koji Kondo who wrote for both Mario video games.  The music of “Zelda: Ocarina of Time” will be part of our repertoire!  Come and join the fun! (see link – /  Grades 2-4.

Tenor 12-Hole Ocarina

with Deborah Goodhead

This class will be learning to play the Tenor 12-Hole Ocarina invented by Giuseppe Donati in Italy about 160 years ago.  The fingering system is one finger different than learning to play the flute and saxophone of the Woodwind family. Ocarinas will be provided for this class but students will have an opportunity to purchase their own at a discount from in St. Louis.  Music from around the world will be part of our adventure plus “Zelda: Ocarina of Time”.  (See link – / Grades 4 and up.

Vocal Jazz 101

with Stephen Ziegler

Tight harmonies. Solo Improvisation. Fast rhythms. All together, you have Vocal Jazz! Come learn about vocal jazz style, tools for improvisation, and more, all while using a live sound system. This class is designed for students who have just completed 8-11 grade.

Voice Class

with Katie Moore

In this class, students will have the opportunity to build their vocal technique by learning more about various aspects of singing, to include breathing, resonance, phrasing, diction, articulation, practice skills, and more.  Students will learn an art song, and will analyze it in order to determine the best approach to practicing and learning the piece.

Age group:  grades 6-12

Folk Dancing/Creative Dance

with Susan Pendergraft

Honor to your partners and bow to your corners all.

All join hands and circle left as you circle ‘round the hall!

Do you like to jump and skip and move around?  Then this Folk and Creative Dance class is for you!  We’ll learn about cultures and traditions from our country and others through creative movement and dance.  You can even create some of your own dances too!  Open to all grades.

Boomwhackers, Matey!

with Meredith Ziegler

In this class, students will get to play an instrument called Boomwhackers! Students will learn the familiar piece, “Chopsticks” while bringing the piece to life…Pirate Style! Grades 5th-8th grade. Must have a minimum of 24 participants.

Drumming Up Success

with Jona Tickle

Based on the World Music Drumming Curriculum developed by Will Schmid.  Open to all grades.

These classes will aim to help participants communicate better with others through music as students learn how to listen to others, respect for the need of others to have their own musical and personal space, the importance of leaving space for others to drum or speak, how to lead and how to follow, the value and technique of cooperative teamwork, techniques for playing various types of drums, sing songs from a variety of cultures with percussion.

A Capella Singing

with Stephen Ziegler

Are you a fan of The Sing Off? Pentatonix? Then you will definitely want to join this class! Geared towards those who have just completed 8-11 grade, this class will focus on the basics of A Cappella singing and Pop arrangements.

Students will also learn the basics of performance using a live sound system.

Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)

with Katie Moore

Students will be instructed in the singing of barbershop music, a harmonically rich form of a cappella music.

Students will build their listening and ensemble skills as they learn to tune the four-part chords contained in barbershop harmony.  Age group:  7-12 grades

Mallets, Xylophones, and Percussion Oh My!

with Meredith Ziegler

In this class, students will learn to play various types of xylophones, metallophones, and percussion instruments in an ensemble setting. Grades 2nd-8th.