The Irish Breakfast Club is an eclectic mix of local musicians with a love of traditional Irish music. The origins of the group were established in late 2020 through mutual friendships and happenstance. The group’s founder, Michael Mayes, wanted to bring a true traditional Irish session to Oklahoma City that would allow the musicians opportunities to dig deep into the music, while showcasing an Irish pub setting, with instruments one typically hears on the Emerald Isle.

While McNellie’s Pub House in OKC is a weekly home base, various members of the group play at other Irish establishments across the state. Members of the group also make a yearly trip to Ireland, playing numerous sessions, including two years ago, where they played at the Kenmare Stone Circle, which dates back to the Bronze Age.

We are thrilled to be joining Canterbury Voices and the OKC Philharmonic — we look forward to spreading a bit of Irish cheer with you!