For everyone’s health and well being, event spaces will be sanitized before each event. In addition, frequently touched surfaces including, but not limited to, entrance/exit doors, restroom areas, handrails and elevator buttons will be sanitized during events. We’ve also increased the number of hand sanitizer stations available in the venues, and as always, we encourage frequent hand washing whenever possible.

The Civic Center staff and vendors participate and enforce social distancing. Additionally, we are implementing:

  • Temperature checks upon arrival. Temperatures above 100.4°F will be rescreened 5-10 minutes after arrival. Temperatures above 100.4°F will be rescreened 5-10 minutes after arrival.
  • Masks to be worn at all times within the facility.
  • Our staff will be required to wear gloves, in some cases.
  • We’re making modifications to our HVAC system including increased filtration and disinfection of airflow.
  • Our food and beverage locations are now equipped with plexiglass dividers and we’ll only be accepting credit or debit cards for purchases. Currently, we will only be serving beverages in containers with lids – no food will be served.
  • To reduce the person to person contact, all events will utilize mobile ticketing only. You can learn more about mobile ticketing by visiting our mobile ticketing guide.

Since we’re all in this together, we need your help in ensuring that returning to the theatre is safe and enjoyable for everyone. When attending an event, the following actions will be required:

  • Participate in social distancing (remaining 6 feet apart) as much as possible.
  • Remain in designated or assigned theatre seats. Attempts to remove coverings from blocked seats or change to non-designated seats will not be tolerated.
  • Temperature checks upon arrival. Those with temperatures above 100.4°F (after a secondary screening) will be denied entry and provided a handout with further instructions.
  • Masks are required at all times within the facility, except when taking a drink from a purchased beverage. Please note that being in possession of a beverage does not excuse someone from the mask requirement and we do not allow outside food or beverages. Masks should have two or more layers of fabric, completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of your face. Neck gaiters, scarves or other single-ply fabrics, bandanas, and masks that incorporate openings, holes, visible gaps, or non-solid material such as mesh or lace are prohibited.
  • Please do not attend any performance if you or someone close to you is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive in the past 14 days.