Canterbury Voices‘ mission is to transform lives, educate the future, and inspire communities through great choral music. Canterbury’s vision is to continually offer artistic and educational experiences of the highest quality each year to the broadest and most diverse audience possible in the Central Oklahoma region.

Canterbury Voices presents 3 concerts per season, and auditions were recently held on Friday, August 14th at Oklahoma City University. You can learn more about adult auditions below.

Canterbury Youth Voices (CYV) is a curricular and performance-based youth choral program which stresses artistic and personal excellence by enhancing singing skills and musical literacy through music training and performance opportunities. Children attending public, home, private and parochial schools, make new friends while experiencing the excitement of music in a supportive and nurturing environment.

CYV values its unique role in central Oklahoma by actively seeking and supporting young people of all races, ethnicities, and economic status who demonstrate a commitment to better themselves, their schools, and their communities through training as an auditioned youth singer in the CYV program. Auditions were recently held for all CYV choirs in August, 2020. You can learn more about CYV auditions below.